Different Little Observations

Here is a little list of things that I've noticed about German culture:
  • Elderly people (like 75+) riding bicycles all over the city.
  • Cloth seats in BMWs and Mercedes.
  • No matter what age, people are generally very tidy.
  • When at a cafe, people clean up after themselves by sweeping the crumbs that may have fallen on the table on to their saucers and bring their dirty dishes to the counter.
  • Separate duvet covers. I guess this is so no one is stealing the blankets from the other person!
  • Traffic lights go to yellow at any change. Yellow to red, and yellow to green. When driving a manual car, I have noticed that this transition really helps!
  • Much of Germany was destroyed during WWII. When they rebuilt the cities, they kept the original look instead of tearing it all down and making all buildings look more "modern".
  • And of course, the narrow streets!

17 October 2011 - I'm really in Europe!

I had just off the U-Bahn (one of the German public transportation trains), and decided to get a cup of coffee. I stood outside enjoying my cup (German coffee is amazing, no need to get espresso) I could hear a faint accordion in the background, I almost didn't hear it. It was as if it was a song playing the soundtrack of my day in my head. When I finished my coffee, I headed to my destination. As I walked down the steps to the underground walkway, the accordion music slowly got louder and louder. There was the musician, he was playing to a nearly empty arena, with a smile on his face.