Venice, Italy

Vicenza is only about an hour from Venice, so when Chris was done with his meetings, we decided to spend the day in Venice before we headed back to Stuttgart. We stayed in a hotel on the mainland, and took a bus into the city in the morning.  Everyone always talks about how dirty Venice is, but I didn't think it was that dirty at all. In fact it was one of the cleanest European cities we have been too thus far. Granted, we didn't go during peak tourist time, which I am sure makes a big difference.

The only words to describe Venice, are beautiful, romantic, and amazing. I got so many pictures that look like we stepped back in time. And, since we went during an off season time, there were hardly any tourists ruining my pictures!

Church of San Barnaba 
Does the building on the right look familiar? Indiana Jones fans will remember this as the library from "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade". In reality it is the Church of San Barnaba. In the film, the inside of the library was actually shot in Elstree Studios in London, England. Venice is such an amazing city it's easy to understand why so many movies are filmed here (side note, it is also Julia Roberts favorite city. I was secretly wishing I would just happen to run into her while walking around the city).

Piazza San Marco
Piazza San Marco was beautiful, and HUGE. The size of Venice and it's durability is an engineering feat in it's own. Something to really appriciate about Europe is the beautuy and durability of the architecture. They didn't just build a building, they put so many little details into the exterior that you could miss if you weren't paying attention. Once you notice these details, it's as if it changes the building from just a building to a massive piece of artwork.

The people there were very nice (again, I think the fact that we went during an off season helped). The souvonier shops were very reasonably priced, and when paying with cash you could negotiate prices a little. We did read that many shops will up their prices during peak tourist seasons, so be aware if you visit during these times. 

Venice is a city I would love to return to, and highly recomend to anyone planning a vacation abroad. Its beauty and atmosphere is to amazing to put into words, it is simply something you have to experience. Enjoy the pictures below!

A trip to Venice wouldn't  be
complete without a Venetian mask!

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