My favorite place to shop in Germany has to be Müller. This place is amazing! It's like a department store cosmetic counter, Target, and Dollar Store all rolled into one. The one near our place has three levels. The bottom floor has office/school supplies, pet food, candy, and toys. The next floor has all your personal hygiene stuff like shampoo, soaps, face wash and lotions, as well as make-up kiosks such as Chanel, Lancôme, Clinique, Shiseido, and Dior. The top floor is books and CDs. I think it's neat how I can buy Chanel lipstick, a Milka candy bar, Nivea lotion, and the latest music album all in one place! Sometimes when I get bored, I'll just wander around the store for a while. This store has filled the void from the lack of Target stores!

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