Dogs, Dogs, Everywhere!

 Europeans love their dogs. It isn't uncommon to walk through a department store and see someone toting a dog. Dogs of all sizes are allowed in pretty much any public area except grocery stores or indoor markets where food is sitting out.

 Yesterday, Chris and I went into Louis Vuitton, and one of the women shopping had her Yellow Labrador with her. I found this very amusing. This woman was dressed very chic, and here she had this big clumsy looking Yellow Lab instead of your typical little designer dog. He was so cute, but he did look a little out of place among the €1.500 handbags and shoes (side note: Europeans use a  . instead of a  , to separate the thousands, and a , as a . such as €39,99. It can get confusing). Every time his owner would stop to look at something, he would sit down and scratch his ear with his back paw, I think he was a bit bored with shopping. I tried to imagine bringing my Chocolate Lab, Zoe, into Louis Vuitton. I don't think my hyper farm dog would have been as well behaved!

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