Priority Road Sign
Not too much happened today, I drove to the commissary to get a few groceries. I am still a little ify about driving here, especially with a manual car. Also, Germany has so many signs! And the right-of-way seems a little odd to me sometimes.You really have to pay attention to all the signs. The one that always gets me is the Priority Road sign (see  left). It makes sense, the sign helps people know who has the right-of-way when coming up to a main road (hence, Priority), but when you're already a bit nervous about driving in a foreign country it doesn't seem to be that easy! The stoplights seem to be in odd places too, I am stopped at a red light (behind the line) I have to twist my head around to so I can see the light. Also, there is no right-on-red. It is a green arrow light instead.  Every time I get in the car to drive somewhere I say a little prayer to get there safely! I'm sure in no time I will be driving like one of the crazy Europeans here, I guess that is kind of a warning to my friends back home!

Auf Wiedersehen!

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